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Cleanne Lynn Johnson’s Book

Love My Colors is a fictional autobiography that highlights the discrimination people of different skin color face in society. In an attempt to make a difference, Cleanne has written this book with the sole purpose of ending the difference between skin colors. Be it Black, Brown, Olive or White, no one is different, no one is superior. No matter what type of life we live on the outside. We are all the same from the inside, we will forever be the same.

You know, there is a funny thing about life. There are plenty of people around us who find it interesting to make fun of others around them without even looking at themselves. They fail to realize how much of a loser they are, yet they make fun of others. In order to address this issue, Cleanne Johnson has written a book called “Love My Colors.” A book that is centered on people facing racism issues within their societies, their workplace and almost every other place they wish to visit.

It often doesn’t sound like a major concern to people mocking people of color, but it can be devastating for the victim. Read this book to understand how you can play your part to end this discrimination and make this place a better place for everyone to live in. We all are created equal, and we all deserve to live with equality. There is no one superior to one another.

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Lynn Johnson

This book has been written for people of all ages, gender, color, and nationalities. It emphasizes the struggle anyone with skin of color is habitual of facing. The problems that do not seem big to us, but are heart aches for those who suffer from it every day.


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Observe the synopsis of the chapters of the book to know what you can gain from this amazing tool to end racism and it’s struggles. Each chapter focuses on a different concept which can enhance your life significantly.