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Abolishing of Discrimination is Inevitable Now

Love My Colors is a fictional autobiography that highlights the discrimination people of different skin color face in society. In an attempt to make a difference, Cleanne has written this book with the sole purpose of ending the difference between skin colors. Be it Black, Brown, Olive or White, no one is different, no one is superior.

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Observe the synopsis of the chapters of the book to know what you can gain from this amazing tool to end discrimination and it’s struggles. Each chapter focuses on a different concept which can enhance your life significantly.

About the Author

Lynn Johnson

Cleanne Johnson is a Caribbean-Canadian living in the United States of America. She completed a Bachelor of Science in dietetics, and a master’s in public health at Andrews University in Michigan. Today, she practices as a registered dietitian and loves to help others make better food choices, to help improve their quality of life. It takes more than just penning down words on a piece of paper to become an author.

I find it quite interesting how great authors are among us. People who have written some of the greatest best-sellers. There are several books in almost every genre that have been loved by the masses. One of the reasons behind this is believed to be the fact that not every author has that capability of writing such amazing books. Anyone with a pen and a paper with some thoughts can write.

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Why Read it

Lynn Johnson

This book has been written for people of all ages, gender, color, and nationalities. It emphasizes the struggle anyone with skin of color is habitual of facing. The problems that do not seem big to us, but are heart aches for those who suffer from it every day.


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Lynn Johnson

Watch the trailer of this book now to understand the context of the book much better. Watch how beautifully the people of color have been portrayed to emphasize their true elegance and importance in our society. They are one of us, not to be betrayed and discriminated, but to be embraced and appreciated.


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Read below what some of our readers have to say about the book after getting their hands on and thoroughly going through each and every chapter to get the gist of the book and understand the change which is going to happen.

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